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An Initiation for Physical Embodiment of Our Divine Nature


DeaR one,

Do you feel called to strengthen your ability to respond to tension, stress and overwhelm?

Is it time to love yourself fully, naturally balancing and harmonizing every aspect of who you are, allowing you to better show up as your True Self?

Are you ready to receive Physical Embodiment Codes & Keys that will open the doors to greater intuition, resilience and embodied living?

Calling in heart centered people. 

Now more than ever, it is essential that we take full responsibility for our lives, to better play our role in the Whole & serve our Souls!

I have spent the past 20 years embodying principles that will allow you to attain your highest potential and enjoy New Earth experiences. 

Principles that, when applied and fully integrated, allow anyone to be an Embodied Master and enjoy LIFE as Art.

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse


 - Feeling connected to your physical body and Authentic Self

- Dissolving tensions and discomforts as you physically regenerate through Deep Relaxation

- Heightened intuition, limitless energy, flow, & Grounded Presence

- Fully enjoying the frequencies of Coherence, Creativity, & Celebration

- Taking inspired action to co-create New Earth experiences with your Soul Tribe


  • Heart/Brain/Gut coherence​ meditation and embodiment practices

  • Systema Breathing Principles and Prime movements


  • The most efficient & effective movements & exercises from ancient & modern practices (Systema, Yoga, Chi Qong, Kinesiology, etc.)

  • Self-Care/Love Practices 


  • Introduction to each of the Elements of Creation ​(Earth, Water, Fire, Air) that make up the Life Force energy of Earth

  • Integrated rest & relaxation

  • The art of contemplation, journal reflections & questions 


  • Harmonious state of being in gratitude for the Human experience​


  • Deep awareness of physical, mental & emotional tension

  • Strengthen, align & balance your physical and energetic structure​ while cultivating authentic connection with inner authority & personal power​

  • Confidently explore your edge while releasing deep tensions for self-healing

  • Ability to move and harmonize energy within the physical and energetic bodies to cleanse, purify & nourish on all levels

  • Experience true rest and relaxation

  • Expand imagination and develop crystal clarity


Image by David Clode

"Jonathan is a legend. His joy is infectious. Working with him is a profound activation of ancient codes within one’s body and entire system. He is one of the greatest healing & energy masters I have ever encountered. His breath & movement medicine are ultra-potent, and his energy field alone will teach you to embody a higher vibratory state."

Jordan Bates, Founder of Ouroborous



 3 month Initiation for Connecting with the Spiritual Warrior Within

 1.5hr live 

Spiritus session

2x week


1st Session Focusing on Physical Embodiment with Jonathan


2nd Session each Week Focusing on Integration with Sasha Nova

Access to online resources

Regular check-ins & accountability

24/7 support on a private Facebook group

Community of heart centered professionals


Through Spiritus, I will equip you with breathing principles and Embodiment Practices to quantum leap into your most exciting, harmonious, and fulfilling timeline.


First I have to thank you for being who you are Jonathan. Just your raw presence of WARRIOR ENERGY makes what you say infinitely more potent. From when you inspired me to practice in every moment, to introducing me to the key Tantra book that has led me so far in itself, to the actual SPIRITUS journey which has given me amazing tools for getting rid of tension in my body. From this lack of tension, arose sadness, anger, and desires I thought had gone welled up - initially it was a rough ride, but now I am appreciating the beauty as all these darker energies are being brought up to the light of love. This would not have been possible without SPIRITUS and Jonathan's guidance :) I am much more empowered to take aligned action in pursuing my dreams. From engaging everyday in Tantric and SPIRITUS practices, to attending live Tantra trainings, to getting ready to launch my first paid online container, I cannot thank you enough.

Trevor West, Coach & Tantra Guide

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