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Inspiring & empowering Space holders & leaders of change to JOIN IN COMMUNITY AND serve from a full and overflowing cup



-4-month Private Mentorship journey with Jonathan,

designed to ignite growth and transformation. 


- Personalized Path: Tailored sessions address your unique goals and challenges.


- Thoughtful Progress: Eight 1-hour calls provide deep insights at a sustainable pace.


- Commitment to Change: True transformation requires dedication - Jonathan holds you accountable.


-Holistic Support: Between sessions, access resources and check-ins for ongoing development.




- This one-time 60-90-minute session is a powerful option to connect with Jonathan on a 1-1 basis


- Receive expert guidance, support and clarity on a whatever you are most struggling with

- Release and transform any stagnant or limiting energies 


- Promote a sense of renewal and growth 

$1000 USD

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ABOUT Jonathan

Jonathan is a transformation guide and space holder for self discovery and empowerment through his online and in-person offerings.

With over 27 years of martial arts experience and 11 years serving as a holistic wellness professional and healer, go here to read about Jonathan’s epic story about being a natural born empath raised by elite military parents and awakening to his mission by choosing to heal, continuously riding 'the edge' of his comfort zone and practicing vulnerability with empowerment. 


Jonathan, the co-creator of 'The Spiritus Way', is an embodiment master, driven by his deep passion to inspire and empower brave individuals to rise & shine.

Jonathan and his wife, Sasha Nova, are dedicated to providing sacred spaces for fellow space holders and leaders of change. They guide others in their inner journey, emphasizing the importance of serving from a heart full of love, wisdom, and power.


If you want to send Jonathan a quick message then visit his contact page here.


"Jonathan has the keys & codes to living in sync with Life. 'Spiritus' (Jonathan's method and way of being) is a work of art and living. His techniques for grounding and centering, alone, are worth the investment."

Jamie Sun, Professional Musician and Musical Mentor


Trevor West, Coach & Tantra Guide

Jonathan's raw presence of WARRIOR ENERGY makes what he says infinitely more potent. I am much more empowered to take aligned action in pursuing my dreams. From engaging everyday in Tantric and Jonathan's embodiment practices, to attending live Tantra trainings, to getting ready to launch my first paid online container, I cannot thank you enough.


Daniel Raphael,

“The rare combination of Jonathan's training, integrity commitment, and compassion allowed him to become one of my most valuable teachers to strengthen and prepare me for the life I chose to live.”


Jaime Ayotte, Hypnotherapist

Jonathan's innate gifts and combines skill sets allows him to facilitate transformational experiences with finesse and precision both individually and collectively. I can personally attest to his level of expertise, integrity, dedication and love for what he does so naturally. With 30 years of experience facilitation personal evolution for thousands of others, I see the level of trust and perfection that Jonathan creates for those he serves allowing for "win-win-win" results! He truly 'walks his talk'! ”


Jordan Bates, Cage Melter

“Jonathan is a legend. His joy is infectious. Working with him is a profound activation of ancient codes within one’s body and entire system. He is one of the greatest healing & energy masters I have ever encountered. His breath & movement medicine are ultra-potent, and his energy field alone will teach you to embody a higher vibratory state. If you are blessed to experience Jonathan's methodology, do not miss the opportunity.”

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