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Playfully riding the edge as we love here now

Join Jonathan and Sasha for this 7 day celebration of life, as they transmit their way of Being* and empower participants with the most practical and pragmatic tools to ride the waves of life.

November 18 - 25th, 2023

* "We appreciate Life as a sacred gift, receiving and celebrating the present, with every breath."

Jonathan & Sasha


This is not a surfing retreat, although it is all about playfully riding the edge of our comfort zone in order to strengthen our ability to respond to challenges in life with grace.


This is how we get to know ourselves and what we are capable of as conscious human beings.


In this process of willingly ‘riding the edge’ it is important to not take life too seriously and remember… 

to have fun! 


This 7 day experience will provide a safe space for you to explore your physical, emotional and mental edge as you reconnect to the natural flow of life.


Come and learn how to stay on top of the waves of change instead of being pummeled by them.


Join us this November to playfully ride the edge as we love here now!

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about us

Jonathan and Sasha are transformational guides and healers with a mission to promote sacred union, authentic connection & expression, and empowerment of men and women to do their inner work for the betterment of humanity. They have spent the last 20+ years (combined) in their own healing journeys, awakening to their inner power and innate freedom to live and love life fully. After the last 5 years of living in Costa Rica, they are now travelling the world and supporting others in their awakening.

Who Are We


Haramara Retreat is a magical and idyllic place created and designed to provide a natural and supportive environment for groups, couples and individuals to relax, renew and restore well-being.

Located in the breathtaking coastal Riviera Nayarit near the fishing village and surfing town of Sayulita. Nestled above Pacific Ocean on 12 private acres of tropical jungle with a private and pristine beach. 


Intention: In this retreat, we intend to continuously explore the union between the Human Self (first 3 energy centers) and the Spiritual Self (higher 3 energy centers), uniting both aspects within the Heart Space (Unity).

In this way, we intent to provide the space for your most Authentic Self to be embodied, while honouring the balance between inner work, rest and play.

The practices and tools shared will focus on 
expanding one's ability to navigate stress, create more resiliency and cultivate embodied presence to better show up and enjoy life fully.

This will allow for a deeper sense of connection to Self and others to be experienced.

Day 0: Arrival, settling into the space and rest

Day 1: Heart Centre - Opening circle, introduction to the Systema breathing principles, heart coherence techniques and authentic relating

Day 2: Root Centre - Earthing & nervous system regulation tools, 1st Inner Quest journey

Day 3: Crown Centre - Higher guidance and connection to divinity, presencing tools

Day 4: Sacral Centre - Inner union exploration, emotional integration, ecstatic dance, 2nd Inner Quest journey

Day 5: Third Eye Centre - Clear seeing, intuition

Day 6: Solar Plexus Centre - Will and empowerment, 3rd Inner Quest journey

Day 7: Throat Centre - Voice, expression, closing circle


who is this for?

  • Your are on a healing journey/awakening and are looking to optimize your health and wellness practices.

  • You wish to embody freedom inside your body/mind/spirit.

  • You want to meet other like minded individuals, on a path of self actualization & embodiment.

  • You want to learn the most practical and pragmatic tools for self healing and mastery.

  • You want to reconnect with nature and the natural rhythms and cycles of Life.

  • You want to be fully nourished and held as you heal, transform and recharge in a beautiful setting, with world class guides.



  • US$1800 for a dorm (female 4ppl occupancy)

  • US$1800 for a dorm (male 4ppl occupancy)

  • US$2500 for a double occupancy bedroom

What's Included:

  • All retreat activities

  • Accommodations for 7 nights

  • All gourmet meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner

What's Not Included:

  • Flight tickets to/from Mexico

  • Transportation to/from Haramara Retreat (shuttle upon request)

    * Early bird pricing till June 1st, 2023

    Dorm board + food - $1000; tuition - $800
    Double board + food - $1500; tuition - $10



Step 1) A payment of US$1000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Step 2) Book a call with Jonathan & Sasha to check in and reserve your room. 


Thanks for submitting!

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