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Physical Embodiment Codes

for inspired & EMPOWERED living

Spiritus Embodiment method

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Spiritus is a return to a natural way of being in connection with all parts of ourselves and the universe in every moment.

By acknowledging and honouring our Soul and that we are all energy, we naturally create coherence in body, mind and spirit.


'Remembering our truest nature is the highest and most effective form of healing.'

Jonathan offers Physical Embodiment Codes in a Heart-Centered approach to life. 


He inspires others to cultivate deep awareness of tension in the bodies and empowers them with tools and practices for Self-healing and Mastery.


In every Spiritus session, participants will engage with breathing principles and exercises that develop intuition, resilience and embodied living.


This simple yet profound life practice is intended to create expansive states of Being, allowing for more authentic connection and expression to be experienced in each moment.



Receive Physical Embodiment Codes to activate your body's innate self healing abilities.

This session will enhance your awareness of  tension on all levels and allow you to experience a coherent state of being.


3 months initiation for strengthening ability to respond to tension, stress & overwhelm


Physical embodiment of our Divine nature

& connecting with the Warrior Within




This is Jonathan's deepest medicine in person.

It is only for those individuals who are ready and willing to create the space for change and transformation in their life.


This 3 hour session has often been described as a shamanic journey and re-birthing process.


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"The rare combination of Jonathan's training, integrity, commitment, and compassion allowed him to become one of my most valuable teachers to strengthen and prepare me for the life I chose to live."

Daniel Raphael, Creator of

Image by Mic Narra

Jordan Bates, Founder of Ouroboros

“Jonathan is a legend. His joy is infectious. Working with him is a profound activation of ancient codes within one’s body and entire system. He is one of the greatest healing & energy masters I have ever encountered. His breath & movement medicine are ultra-potent, and his energy field alone will teach you to embody a higher vibratory state.

If you are blessed to work with him, do not miss the opportunity.”


Christopher Scoville, Professional Wrestler

“As a professional wrestler of over 20 years, combined with 12 years of substance abuse issues, I spent a lot of time putting strain, wear and tear, and downright abuse on my body. My experience with Spiritus was an initiation into becoming more in tune with my body... I developed an awareness of where I was holding tension in my body, particularly in my hips, which have been tight for years. I was also able to let go of the limiting beliefs I had surrounding my body - that my hips would always be tight, my knees would always be injured, and there was nothing I could do about it. Working with Jonathan and Spiritus… has given me practices I will no doubt continue to incorporate in my daily life for years to come, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”


Sasha Nova, Energy Intuitive

“What Jonathan does is extraordinary and through his guidance, has resulted in huge emotional releases for me. I've come more into my personal power and am continuing to shed the old layers that no longer serve me.

Jonathan is extremely talented, passionate about what he does, able to hold space and really help people move beyond their limitations and free themselves of tension - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Highly recommend Jonathan to anyone ready to dive deep into their own healing journey.”

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