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Jonathan's Inner Journey of Remembering

Empathic Warrior Here to Empower Men to Join in Brotherhood, Do Their Inner Work & Embody Divine Masculine.

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I grew up in a household, where both of my loving parents were active members of the Canadian Special Forces unit and therefore had a comfort zone that far exceeded that of most people. As a natural born empath, I was forced to toughen up fast and discover ways to better cope with being emotionally sensitive. This is something that I have only begun to acknowledge in the last decade since beginning my inner journey of remembering (who I truly am as a spiritual being having a human experience). 

Before I ever had an understanding of why I felt so emotional, I coped by engaging in intense physical activity, spending time outside appreciating Nature, and by numbing and distracting myself through consumption of food, alcohol, cannabis and tobacco. Since then I have periodically walked a fine line between addiction and conscious consumption. 


Luckily at age 13, influenced by my step dad, I began training in martial arts and began to connect with my inner warrior. This was a significant point in my life as it provided a necessary outlet to release the pent up emotions that I unknowingly accumulated as an empath. The training provided me with confidence and a sense of safety when stepping outside of my comfort zone, although I now recognize that I was expressing the immature aspect of the Warrior archetype (the masochistic Warrior) which was overly aggressive and desensitized. 

The attitude of ‘work hard, play hard’ was something I witnessed from both of my mom and step dad. Both had spent their entire adult life immersed in a modern day warrior culture that would endure physical wear and tear to remain sharp and battle ready. This was especially true for my step dad who spent his entire military career as an elite soldier and then became the director of combat & conditioning for the Canadian Armed Forces. My mom’s military career was less intensive although she was the first female interrogator in Canada trained by the British SAS. 

I am very grateful for my loving, supportive and remarkably open minded parents for being exactly who I needed them to be. Their influence provided me the opportunity to connect with my inner warrior and learn how to cope with challenges I faced as a highly sensitive person. 


It was the warrior energy, the energy of action, that provided me the drive and courage to explore new opportunities and gain a plethora of life experience. 



  • Training Muay Thai kickboxing, Kali (Philipino stick & edge weapon martial art) since age 13

  • Graduate of Horticulture/Landscape Technician, 2004

  • Being a green roughneck for a drilling company in Alberta Canada 2006

  • Being a tractor/trailer driver during Canadian winters (perhaps the most stressful job I ever had) 2007

  • Working as a doorman and managing security at an upscale club in Ottawa 2008

  • Competitive grappler with a blue belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu

  • 1 year living in Japan teaching English and training martial arts 

  • Winning a Professional Mixed Martial Art fight in Tokyo Japan, 2009

  • Graduate of Fitness & Health Promotion 2011

  • 6 month tour as a civilian driver supporting the military in Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan 2011 (active war zone),

  • 250 hr Yoga teacher training at an ashram in India 2012,

  • Completing 10 day Vipassana 2012,

  • Owned a business as a Fitness & Wellness Professional (Sublime FIT), 2012-17

  • Becoming a certified Systema (ancient Russian Martial Art & healing practice) Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev 2017

  • Selling my house, letting go of my business and belongings in Canada, moving to Costa Rica in 2017.

  • Working for Envision Festival - 2yrs as a bamboo stage builder and then 2yrs as the Wellness Coordinator for the Build (a position that I created) 2017-2020

  • Completed a 4 day vision quest in 2017 and 7 day Vision Quest in 2018. Both times I was alone in the jungle, without shelter, dry fasting for 4 days.

  • Shamanically and alchemically purifying my bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) of energies that I accumulated throughout my life times ( i.e. trauma, limiting beliefs, family & social conditioning, etc.)

  • Space holder for hundreds of individuals receiving my Shamanic Somatic Body/Energy-Work (I have witnessed all the ways energy is liberated from the body ie. crying, shaking, yelling, screaming, laughing, sneezing, farting, burping, etc.)

  • Shifted to Online business as a Transformational Guide, 2020 - Present

Continue reading below about each experience or go here to read about my remembering.


Since I was young, I have had a fascination with Japanese warriors (the Samurai), Japanese food and Japanese gardens (which I enjoyed studying in college). I was very excited to be immersed in the culture while living abroad for the first time in my life.

Away from my support system of family and friends, I was definitely overly consuming food and alcohol as a way to cope with the culture shock of being far away from home. This went on for the first few months before I found a group of seasoned martial artists, both teachers and training partners. 3-4 times a week this group provided me the opportunity to train aggressively in Muay Thai Kick boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Looking back I can say that at this point in my life I was the most desensitized emotionally and polarized in immature masculine, yet balanced by the fact that I was working with kids which required me to remain patient and caring.

During this time, I had put my body through a lot of abuse from the continuous impact and stress that comes from training regularly in competitive martial arts. I remember being 24 years of age and feeling my joints constantly sore, fingers and toes always taped up from sprains & strains and dealing with a cauliflower ear that I had to drain myself twice a day for three weeks around the time of my professional Mixed Martial Arts fight in Tokyo.

Despite the wear and tear my body endured and the hard lessons that I apparently had to learn about immature masculine behavior, I left Japan with a 1-0 pro MMA record and a blue belt in BJJ that I earned in quick time as a result of competing and winning grappling bouts amongst the Brazilian community I trained with, all in less than a year.


When I returned to Canada, I had a desire to return to college, this time for Fitness & Health Promotion. I knew that by being a wellness professional I would align with a lifestyle that valued balance in body, mind and spirit. 

After receiving an honors diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion, I ironically found myself driving professionally again (like I did shortly after graduating from Horticulture). This time my class A license provided me the opportunity to be hired as a civilian contractor driving tractor trailers and coach buses supporting the Canadian military in Afghanistan (an active warzone). 

My mom had already been serving as a soldier for several months in Kandahar Airfield and let me know of the opportunity to make good money in a short period of time. With a desire to pay off my student debt fast and a longing to travel, I managed to get hired as a driver during the last rotation of Canadian civilians and soldiers to serve in Kandahar Airfield, in 2011. Kandahar Airfield was a high alert military base that had daily rocket attacks, along with extreme heat and dust, and a ratio of 100 men to every woman. 

This experience was unique to say the least. It entailed spending 5 months total in Afghanistan and a 1 month paid vacation anywhere in the world. For my vacation destination I chose Thailand, being one of the most beautiful and spiritual places in the world, as it was the greatest contrast to what I was experiencing in Kandahar Airfield. 



As the pendulum swings equal and opposite each time I found myself over polarized, I was called to begin 2012 in India to embark on a 250 yoga teacher training course. The intention was to nourish myself after another phase of being overly masculine and not honoring the opposite polarity within me. The feminine aspect of myself wanted me to soften after hardening up from the intense environment and experience that Afghanistan provided.

On January 1, 2012, upon arriving at an Ashram in India, I experienced a deep sense of inner peace that I hadn’t experienced up to this point in my life. I remember the feeling as a profound sense that I was exactly where I was meant to be. This inner peace and calmness of mind made me very receptive to the ancient yogic knowledge that I was exposed to, which in turn inspired me to consciously connect more deeply with the breath. 

As a result, I began to open myself up to ‘Spirit’ and this initiated the beginning of my inner journey of remembering. It is interesting to note that the Latin word for breath is ‘spiritus’ which is the origin of the word ‘spirit’With this in mind, ‘Spirituality’ can be considered the art of breathing.

By connecting more with the present moment, which is the gift that the breath offers, I began to awaken more spiritually and began to acknowledge that nothing happens to me, rather everything is happening for me to learn and grow. 

After 2 months of studying yoga and meditation in India, I returned to Canada and immediately began working at the YMCA as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor as well as teaching yoga at a local studio. 

I continued to open myself up to life’s mysteries, connecting more deeply with the magician archetype. As a result,  I was inspired to carve out a sacred space in my life and practice regular meditation and other rituals that nourished my mind-body-spirit.


It was at this time that I attended a 10 day Vipassana which initiated me into doing a daily non-negotiable meditation practice ever since.

Fully immersed in health and wellness, I was opening up more and more to a holistic approach to life that was significantly expanding my awareness of who I am and what I wanted to experience. As a full time personal trainer, as well as a group fitness, yoga, meditation and martial arts teacher, I was in a position where my job held me accountable to keeping my own cup full so that I could better serve my clients. 

I was learning the importance of putting on my oxygen mask first in order to better show up for my clients and family. My intention for continuous education was to learn and embody only the most practical and pragmatic approaches for better connecting to the breath and body, for self-healing. 

I was committed to reversing all of the wear and tear I had put my body through from years of training and competing aggressively in Martial arts. This is when I began to drop all of the armor I had accumulated since age 13 (that had allowed me to feel more protected) while engaging with my outer world as an empath. 

I began to understand that ‘in order to heal WE MUST FEEL’. In order to grow and expand into our highest and greatest expressions, we have to be willing to let go of the restrictive armor (tense muscle for myself, for others it can be excessive body fat) that we put on for a sense of safety.


As I was peeling back the layers and living more in the present moment, all of the repressed emotions that I had pushed down throughout my life began to bubble up to the surface to be seen and felt. This was a very challenging time in my life and I didn't have anyone around me that I felt I could turn to for support or answers to the many questions that were coming up for me.


Thankfully I gained a better understanding of what I was experiencing after watching a Ted talk by Brene Brown which really impacted me. She talks about the power of vulnerability and how by having the courage to be vulnerable and open up to ourselves and the world around us, we come directly in touch with our most authentic self. And, in doing so, we can live a much more fulfilling and happier life. 

As I began to allow myself to be vulnerable, I became more empowered to show up as my authentic self. I began to awaken my superpower which is my intuition (which we all have).



This significant shift in my attitude and maturity was what I believe allowed Systema to enter my awareness. Systema is an ancient Russian martial art (and healing practice) that differs from any other martial art that I have ever encountered. Truly a holistic martial art, Systema regards all aggressors/opponents as individuals who are simply holding an excessive amount of tension and require healing. 

In Systema, we don’t hit to hurt, we hit to heal. Coming from an aggressive competitive martial arts background, this concept was profoundly life changing for me. Even more impactful for me was the man who brought this incredible martial art to North America. My Systema teacher, Vladimir Vasiliev, is a man that I deeply admire and respect for being a true master as well as an amazingly humble and heart centered human being.  

It is in Vladimir where I first saw the balanced embodiment of the
skilled & humble warrior, along with the kind &

compassionate healer. Seeing this balance in Vladimir and his top students inspired and empowered me to integrate

the Systema breathing principles into everything I did. 

There is a great irony in working intimately with the breath. By consciously breathing and bringing more awareness into

the present moment, you are telling the body-mind, more specifically the nervous system, that it is safe to relax. The flip

side to this is that anything that has been repressed, whether it be physical pain, limiting stories, unaccepted emotions,

limiting patterns of behavior, etc, all begin to bubble up to the surface of our awareness to be seen.

Basically, I was developing what spiritual traditions such as Tantra refer to as Witness Consciousness. This is like doing

your own psychotherapy 24/7 and can be quite intense. Committed to my personal growth and connected with my

Warrior spirit, I dove into the process. Thankfully I was committed to my daily meditation practices, passive (sitting) and

active (mindfulness), and was therefore learning how to better hold space for myself as well as others as a

compassionate witness.


As I was building my resiliency, life provided me with plenty of opportunities to practice being more heart centered as I faced many challenging circumstances in my living situation. It was during this time that I supported my mom during the most challenging time of her life which in hindsight was also one of the most challenging times in my own life.


Dealing with PTSD from her time in Afghanistan, divorce from my step dad after a 25 year marriage and the most challenging of all, being a civilian after serving for 37 years in the military - no question, my mom is a living example of embodied resiliency to a degree that I have not witnessed in any other.


I am grateful for the experience since it served as a driving force for me to take greater responsibility for my own life and get clear as to what I wanted. It was at this time that I began to learn how to ask for help, which was the only way I was able to avoid burnout.

To sum it up, as a full time wellness professional, I required my own team of health care professionals in order to manage the tension, stress and moments of overwhelm that I experienced during this time in my life. Despite the daily practices and support that I received every week, I still found myself using food, alcohol and cannabis to cope with the challenges I was facing with my mom and working in a profession where I supported so many others.

It was around this time that I acquired my first mentor to better guide and hold me accountable to continuing the process of going deeper within. Through his guidance I began asking myself the right questions and became clearer about what I love, what I value and what I wanted to experience and create in my lifetime.

My growing awareness was a driving force for loving myself fully and opening up even more to the truth that we are all energy and we all have the ability to heal and create positive change in our life.

With this positive focus I began to imagine living somewhere more aligned with the natural rhythms of Nature where I could grow my own food and be connected with a community of like minded individuals as I knew that this would better support my spiritual journey. 


A series of different synchronicities directed my attention to the south pacific coast of Costa Rica and in February 2016 I made my first visit there. Immediately upon arriving there, I knew it was where I wanted to be. I stayed at a property where I did a work exchange and was able to connect with Nature and apply the skills I had learned earlier in life when I studied Horticulture in College. 

For the last week of the trip I attended my first Envision festival, which is a transformational experience on its own. I had connected deeply with the land around me, as well as with many conscious people from all over the world who were truly authentic and able to freely express themselves in creative ways. This exposure to regenerative ways of living and being provided me with a sense of returning home that strongly supported my desire to live in Costa Rica.

Upon arriving back to Canada, I began to envision my life in Costa Rica on every level and using all of my senses to do so. This created big shifts in me as I began to consciously raise my vibrational frequency with the intention to quantum leap into the reality my heart desired most. I was spending more time in Nature, barefoot running in the forest, paddle boarding on the water or working out in the many green spaces around Kingston Ontario, where I lived. I was buying local or at least Canadian grown organic fruits and vegetables and having fun preparing healthy meals. 

Since I taught at a yoga studio, I was able to spend more time practicing yoga and connecting with spiritually aware individuals. I began attending cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dances which I am so grateful for having access to. I also had a journal practice that I kept up from my trip from India and this continues to be a powerful tool for bringing more awareness around where I direct my energy.  

My desire to be more spiritually aware of myself and attain knowledge and information of the highest order, was insatiable. 


It had been ignited even more from the trip to Costa Rica and the beautiful future that I was imagining for myself as well as from witnessing in joy the positive influence it was having on my attitude toward life. Only after being in Canada for 10 months since my last trip to Costa Rica, I returned to paradise, and the next 5 months of my life were a continuous series of transformational experiences.

It began by me teaching a Systema class January 1st at a community gathering on a super special property called the H.O.M.E. (Home On Mother Earth) farm, where I connected with a beautiful community of open hearted men and women. After that I traveled to the Caribbean coast to partake in a permaculture design course at another powerful vortex called Punta Mona. For the month of February I was a volunteer at Envision Festival where I learned how to build with bamboo from badass natural builders followed by another powerful festival experience.


After that I traveled down to the OSA Peninsula which is one of the most biodiverse places on planet earth, to experience communal living at Finca Morpho. This special place was where I was able to be naked on the beach everyday covering myself in rich blue clay. Amazing. 


Likely because of the nourishment I experienced here I was also inspired to fast for the first time in my life. 3 days of only water was at the time a big deal for me given my attachment to food. I was aware of fasting since it had become trendy in the fitness industry, but before this experience I had never considered depriving myself of food. 


I was totally in the flow trusting my inner guidance as well as becoming more aware of the synchronicities that were happening consistently. I recall that most of my life I would respond to so-called coincidences with the phrase “everything happens for a reason” but I don’t think I had fully accepted that truth up to about this point in my life. 


After all the magic that I was experiencing consistently in all of my time in Costa Rica, I further integrated the truth that there really are no coincidences and everything really does happen for a reason. With all these moments of awakening I really began to pay attention to the world around me and all of the ways that the Universe communicates to us, through people, synchronicities, symbols, animals and numbers. 



For my next adventure I was guided to travel north to Monteverde cloud forest where I thought I was just going to experience a few sacred medicine ceremonies with the Red Path, but ended up spontaneously doing a vision quest. The vision quest involved me being alone in the jungle surrounded by a string with 365 tiny bundles of sacred tobacco attached, each representing an individual prayer that I prepared prior to being planted by a tree. 

Once I was planted in the jungle, I was alone with no food or water for 4 days. Note…this would have been inconceivable if I hadn’t done the water fast prior to.

This profound experience initiated me into shamanism and provided me with a greater understanding of what it means to live every moment with intention and to remember and honor our ancestors, as well as our connection with Nature and the cosmos.


This was also when my life began to make a lot more sense, since I have been working with sacred medicines since age 13, growing my own cannabis and a few years later Psilocybin mushrooms, despite not having that influence from my family. To sum up my second trip to CR, the first five months of 2017, I felt more alive and connected to my inner and outer world than ever before. 


I returned home from this trip highly motivated to let go of my belongings so that I could return to beloved Costa Rica as fast as my circumstances would allow.


Despite this focus, and of course when I least expected it, I fell in love with a beautiful woman who I now understand to be a Karmic Soul mate. 

What a great gift she was at that time in my life, as our relationship kept me buzzing at the frequency of love, which allowed me to remain heart centered and keep things light while navigating the chaos of my rapidly changing life. Before the relationship began I already had my plane ticket booked to return to Costa Rica in November although as things evolved we decided together that she would join me in the New Year. 


Shortly after being in CR I realized that I was meant to have her with me and I flew back to Canada to spend the month of December with her and her family before we flew to Costa Rica together on New Year eve. Together we traveled around for the first month and it was intense. I was continuously questioning the relationship and it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to say the least. 

For the next month, we both worked at the Envision Festival Build which meant we were for a third month in a row living together, this time in a very dynamic environment. This brought up all kinds of doubts and worries in me but was alleviated after having some time apart after Envision where she went to the Caribbean side for a Yoga teacher training course and I remained in Uvita to prepare for my second Vision Quest experience with the Red Path.


This time the actual Vision Quest was a 7 day experience alone in the jungle. The first 4 days began with a dry fast and after that I received some fresh fruit, a coconut and a bottle of water with a little San Pedro medicine. The whole time I felt like I was in a different dimension while feeling incredibly connected with the land, plants and animals around me. 


I remember having a clear download as to how I was going to be a part of co-creating models for regenerative conscious communities and I understood my role in the whole was the physical embodiment piece. I also remember seriously contemplating my commitment to my relationship since it was in question continuously since arriving in Costa Rica. After the time alone, I felt certain that she was the woman I would marry and have a family with.


From my experience, the Universe has this funny way of flipping things upside down when you think you have certainty and this was no exception.


When I completed my seven days alone, she was there to welcome me back with lots to share about her own epic journey. This began with how she had decided to return to Canada the following week to essentially step into her dream job. 


I was devastated and angry by the news and at the same time excited for her and the amazing opportunity that she manifested from the inner work that she had done since arriving to Costa Rica. I could see the perfection in all of it at the time, but regardless it was a serious heart blow for myself. This experience was a blessing in disguise. After it happened I was committed to strengthening my relationship with my ‘Self’ by being celibate and practicing radical self care.

As a result, I had fallen out with the Warrior within. At this time, I still didn’t fully understand the mature and immature aspects of this energy and only saw the warrior as masochistic and overly aggressive. I didn’t honor him for the courage and strength he had provided me all my life, but especially at this particular time when I was doing my deepest inner work.


The warrior within continued to hold space for me, while my attitude was all accepting and receptive to the flow of life. I began to understand what we resist persists, what we fight, we strengthen. I was truly ready to surrender to the altar of love and I declared to the Universe that the war was over, “I am done fighting”. 

This attitude created a shift towards being more feminine in polarity and therefore passive in nature. I now recognize this as a common phase for men when they begin to open up spiritually.


I believe it is a natural response to a growing awareness of how immature masculine behavior has created a lot of suffering on this planet since time immemorial. For me, I accepted this phase in my journey as a means to allow the deepest layers of conditioning and trauma to be revealed. My environment, living situation and community provided me with the perfect conditions to fully engage in this profound inner work.


Feeling the full support of the Universe, I committed to diving even deeper within myself, shamanically and alchemically purifying my mind-body-spirit and bringing all aspects of my ‘Self’ into balance and harmony.


This potent and accelerated transformational work consisted of harmonizing in Nature, working with plant medicines, master healers & shamans and a solid commitment to my personal growth & expansion. Fully receptive to my inner guidance and a deep trust in life, I began to have massive releases.


Every time I would have a powerful release, which happened on several occasions in the form of primal screaming along with deep crying with gooey tears, I would feel lightness pervade my entire body. It felt as though lifetimes of stuck energy and ancient debris were being discharged from my body, which created space for more love, joy, peace and sense of connection to be experienced.


It was during this time when my natural healing abilities became activated. The more I learned how to hold space for myself, the more I was able to hold space for others to have profound experiences, while offering my shamanic somatic body-work sessions. For the most part, this is how I supported myself financially during my time in Costa Rica.


Around this point in my journey I began to truly understand that the adventure of love cannot be fully lived unless the masculine and feminine energies within are in balance. This is referred to as the Alchemical Marriage.


I believe it was this conscious act of absolute love and acceptance of all aspects of myself that essentially created the template for my Beloved Sasha Nova to enter into my Life in 2018. I look forward to sharing more about this process, since I have personally been waiting my entire adult life for this caliber of relationship. The innocence and sensual play that we naturally bring into our love making is something that both of us had not experienced before coming together.

Our Sacred Union has by far been the most catalyzing experience in my journey and I am incredibly excited by the limitless potential of our love. As we continue to grow stronger each day, it is our commitment to remain in harmony with each other that has led me to men's work.


In 2020, I began working online providing my medicine to other heart centered men on a spiritual path. This is when I began working with the 4 mature masculine archetypes, which in turn led to the creation of my ‘Men’s Empowerment Method’ and ‘The Spiritus Warrior Initiation’.

Through my online work and especially through my relationship with my Beloved (who very much embodies the feminine), I realized that in order for me to better show up in life as a mature man, I required the support of other strong empowered men. This prompted me to create a men's group to lead circles with other men who I respected from my community. We would gather regularly,  share what was most alive and practice active listening. I am so grateful for brotherhood in my life as it helped prepare me for perhaps my most significant initiation yet… marriage. 


On June 21, 2022, Sasha and I came together amongst our family, closest friends and community to celebrate what could only be described as a New Earth wedding. The theme for the entire event, which we co-created with our community and mc’d ourselves was ‘Playfully riding the edge as we love here now’. This is currently the theme for the retreat that we are running together, first one coming in November of 2023.

We ensured everyone in attendance did just that. Pure magic is all I have to say. The authentic expression and connection felt by all is something that can not be captured with words (so here are a few pictures:). 


After that day, Sasha and I began the process of letting go of our beautiful life in Costa Rica. It had been a wonderful 5 year journey for us both. 

In less than two months after getting married we left Costa Rica to spend time with family and reintegrate into society. We can honestly say that we don’t regret this decision for a moment, since it has allowed us both to step into our power more fully as transformational guides in ways we couldn’t do if we had remained in our comfortable bubble in paradise.

With my queen beside me, I feel myself embodying the King archetype more and more each day. Together we are choosing to fully shine our light and serve at the highest by expanding our king & queen dome of influence and action. We understand that this empowered attitude enables us to remain strong and resilient to change and thus able to guide others through rites of passage and initiations into embodying their greatest potential.

​It is our highest purpose to inspire and empower men and women to do their inner work and come together in Sacred Union in order to give birth to the next generation of children that will be free of the social and ancestral conditioning experienced by previous generations. 


We will procreate children who are strong in their ability to respond to life as self-actualized, self-responsible, sovereign beings living the New Earth paradigm.

We will be one example of the many strong coherent families connected through the glue of Brotherhood and Sisterhood co-creating strong coherent conscious regenerative communities that are in alignment and harmony with Nature. We envision these strong coherent regenerative communities serving as models for others in their region/location around the world, inspiring and empowering other communities to connect, cooperate, and collaborate. Sasha and I are committed to inspiring and empowering others to embody their highest expression by our online and in-person events and retreats as well by being a living example of sacred relationship, empowered living and authentic expression in alignment with our highest truth and in harmony with the whole.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and receive this colorful new earth image. It is my hope that I have inspired you to courageously walk the golden path of conscious heart centered living. Choosing to remember your divinity, embrace your humanity and own your authenticity.

As you journey into the center of your own inner labyrinth of Remembering, may you walk tall with an attitude of gratitude.

May you appreciate life as a sacred gift, fully receiving and celebrating the present with every breath.

Much love,


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"My highest intention is to playfully raise planetary consciousness with my Queen and Soul Tribe, activating other brave awakened men to share their own magic, and clearly demonstrate what it's like to return to love."


Some of my Qualifications & Experience

- Training, competing & teaching Martial Arts since age 13
- Professional MMA fight, 2008, Japan
- Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor since 2009
- Fitness & Health Promotion Graduate, 2011, Canada
- Certified Yoga Instructor since 2012, India
- Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, 2015, Canada
- Certified Systema Instructor since 2016, Canada
- Shamanic Somatic Bodywork since 2017
- Abundant Life experience & World Travel
- Presenter at Transformational Festivals & Events 

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