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Initiation to embody principles for self-healing & mastery*

* Mastery is the acceptance, surrender and embodiment in form of YOU, as (your) design, as Love.


 are you a newly awakened professional, struGgling with
tension, stress and overwhelm?

- Have you woken up to a broader awareness of who you are?
- Do you recognize yourself as an infinite Being having a temporary human experience?
- Are you tense, stressed and overwhelmed by the world around you?
- Are you ready to strengthen your ability to respond to life, instead of react?

- Do you wish to embody a playful warrior mindset to enjoy a fulfilling life?

If this sounds like you, then Spiritus may be the portal you've been looking for.

spiritus embodiment method:

1. Breath:
remember divinity

* Learn breathing principles to navigate stress & overwhelm with calmness

* Cultivate a direct, embodied connection to your "I AM" Presence.

* Reconnect with the elements of nature for cleansing & regeneration.

* Continuously expand your inner freedom by asking & living into the question - "Where am I not free?"

2. movement:
embrace humanity

* Learn to feel, validate & hold space for your emotions and feelings.

* Learn how to move & harmonize

e-motion (energy in motion).


* Activate your innate self-healing abilities.

* Learn how to navigate your shadows with compassion.

* Integrate old stories/wounds so as to step into the present NOW.

3. play:
own authenticity

* Get to know yourself, instead of work on yourself.

* Playfully expand your comfort zone, to meet challenges more easily.

* Learn to always have your own back and trust yourself fully.

* Cultivate the sacred union within to experience deep intimacy.

* Gain courage to fully play your 'note' in the symphony of Life.

why spiritus?

Spiritus has been developed over the course of 10+ years to bring you the most practical & pragmatic tools for Self Healing & Embodied Mastery, by simply honouring our divine nature and the human experience.

It is about appreciating Life as a sacred gift, experiencing and celebrating the present with every breath.

It is about:

first you wake up to your light,

then you wake up to your shadow,

and finally you wake up to yourself.



 3 months online initiation

 1.5hr live Spiritus session 2x week

  • 1st Session - Physical Embodiment

  • 2nd Session - Integration


End of month Mens & Womens Sharing Circle

Access to online resources

Regular check-ins & accountability

24/7 support on a private Facebook group

Community of newly awakened professionals, space holders, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Warriors of Spirit


who are we?

IMG_20210102_170527 (1)_edited.jpg

jonathan & Sasha

We are heart-centered Transformational Guides and Space Holders, fully activated in our mission to playfully expand the human collective awareness of Unity Consciousness and the gift of the human experience.

Our vision is to awaken and activate other Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Warriors of Spirit as we promote and strengthen pods of brotherhood & sisterhood; to inspire and awaken sacred unions; to create coherent family units that will then co-create regenerative conscious communities that will be models of the integrated New Earth.

We do this by creating spaces for change and transformation to happen naturally while transmitting Physical Embodiment, Reconnection & Authenticity Codes through ongoing Spiritus Initiations, private sessions, group workshops, and the NewEarthImage Project (Coming Soon). 

our clients


Daniel Raphael, Creator of

“The rare combination of Jonathan's training, integrity commitment, and compassion allowed him to become one of my most valuable teachers to strengthen and prepare me for the life I chose to live.”

Natalia, Business Mentor | Healer | Artist

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Jordan Bates, Cage Melter

“Jonathan is a legend. His joy is infectious. Working with him is a profound activation of ancient codes within one’s body and entire system. He is one of the greatest healing & energy masters I have ever encountered. His breath & movement medicine are ultra-potent, and his energy field alone will teach you to embody a higher vibratory state. If you are blessed to experience Spiritus, do not miss the opportunity.”

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Image by Alice Donovan Rouse


 -Develop greater awareness and sense of connection with your physical body & Nature


-Experience heightened intuition & limitless energy by cultivating grounded Presence 

- Dissolving tensions and pain as you activate your innate self-healing abilities

- Experience empowered flow states by systematically removing all inner & outer stagnation


- Experience freedom, independent of your life circumstances or emotional state

- Taking inspired action to play your role in the co-creation of the New Earth paradigm

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